SST Labs
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Our methodology

Our methodology is aimed at getting to the crux of the matter quickly and exploring opportunities in a smart, accessible way. Each organisation and market is different and requires its own solution and approach.

Our approach

Our approach

With a multidisciplinary team of engineers, we explore and develop practical solutions for complex issues. We work closely with our clients, guiding them throughout.

Our approach is a continuous process of exploring, learning and growing. We look ahead at what is possible and are not afraid to experiment. You see, we believe that the best solutions come about by trying things out instead of just talking about the possibilities. That is why we use prototypes to test our technology in practice. Think of us as an incubator for innovation. We work on the future of our clients together.

Think of us as an incubator for innovation. Together we work on the future of our customers.


Exploring opportunities for technical innovations including assessment of the likelihood of success and a development strategy.

Proof of principle

Validation of innovation opportunities based on technical and financial (im)possibilities.

Prototype Development

Development of prototypes to be able to evaluate feasible opportunities for innovation in practice.